Hi guys! Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Zara from Sydney, Australia. Light that is the meaning of my name. I am a university student majoring Health Safety Environment in Université Haute-Alsace in Sydney.

I am a huge interest in health and environment. Thinking of being a doctor when I was still a kid but then things changed. Now I am not just learning about health but also environment. The visit to Australia has inspired me to learn about environment. The city of Wittenoom gave me a vivid impression on how a beautiful town could turn into a dead one.

Anna introduced me to asbestos through the stories of his grandfather who died of being exposed to asbestos while working in the mining. I want people to start being aware of the dangerous of this substance to the health of human kind and begin doing the action in stopping its use in housing.

I see that some countries still use this material like India. It is being used for building houses for the poor. This is not right. So, to remind people about the danger of the use of asbestos products for house material, last year I began writing in a blog about asbestos and its risk to our health. The diseases posed by the exposure of asbestos is extremely danger and what is worst, the cure for that diseases has not been found yet. Also, the symptoms will not develop until 10 to 30 years after

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